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Open the sidebar
The SimilarPages sidebar is the main window to display SimilarPages results. The sidebar can be easily hidden/shown by clicking the SimilarPages toolbar button .

Type the address of a site of your interest in Firefox and see what SimilarPages finds about it.  If you prefer, you can type the URL directly into the sidebar address field (Similar to) without moving away from the site you are looking at.

The sidebar displays up to 300 hundred site suggestions for each site you visit.

Other functions
If you find a suggestion that doesn't interest you, you can move that link into trashcan trash to delete it. Over time, you will help us to enhance the quality of our results.

The add-on also remembers when you drag a site up & down the list. 
So the next time that list is generated, removed items do not appear anymore, and the order of the links will adjusted accordingly.

By right-clicking inside the list, you can quickly access advanced features (for example, suggest a new link or perform a variety of other functions).

Click on the suggestions
Click an address (URL)  from the list generated in the sidebar. The corresponding site will be loaded in the browser and a new list of similar sites will appear on your sidebar.

Create your own endless game of web discovery by clicking suggestions over and over again on the topic of your interest. About 200 million site suggestions are available.

Advanced features
Temporarily lock an interesting list by clicking on the Pin/Un-pin icon pin. This way you can review each site one-by-one without leaving the list or continuously being forced to click back and forward arrow left arrow right.

And, if you like the list, and want to keep it for later, you can save it savepermanently on your computer.

You can share a list on a topic of your interest with your friends through the share feature share.

slideshow A slideshow of the sites featured in the current list can be launched to preview their content.

A list of all the advanced features is available here

Some characteristics that distinguish us

SimilarPages is a unique search engine and web discovery tool that works with its own real index of the Internet.
Our index is updated continuously, hundreds of servers are searching the web for SimilarPages every week.
We have already indexed 3 billion web pages to create 200 million lists, in all languages and covering all existing topics.
We are a passionate group of tech-addicts, delivering a new way to organize the web. Without popularity-based algorithms, the web is wider.