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Shine a light on the web

WebIconMost of the web exists in the dark. Millions of interesting sites remain hidden because of their low popularity, a factor that most search engines use to prioritize the pages you get from a search.

SimilarPages has found and classified more than 200 million sites from every language, and in any topic with the goal of helping you discover and search a larger portion of the web.

SimilarPages is available from this site as a web search engine and as a browser add-on.

The SimilarPages add-on allows you to:
  • Discover a larger portion of the web
  • Empower your daily web search sessions

As a discovery tool, the add-on works by suggesting a rich list of up to 300 sites similar in typology and topic to each page you land on. Each site suggested on the list is clickable and will then generate a new list of similar sites, creating an endless game of discovery.

As a search tool, the add-on empowers your daily Google search session through the Get more... feature by enriching the Google results page with similarity lists. A list menu comes out by clicking the Get more icon or text.

The add-on is free. It takes very little disk-space, can be installed in seconds and won't slow down your browser.

Once installed, you can view SimilarPages results in three different ways: through a sidebar, by clicking "getmore Get more..." in your Google search results, or by right-clicking anywhere on a webpage.

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