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Compact View


The new SimilarPages Compact View layout consists of a list of URLs, displayed in columns.

Navigate through the lists is simple and intuitive as navigating in a window of a file manager to search for files -instead of the files we have sites.

The left column contains a list of sites related to the input keywords or Urls, and the right column displays infos related to the first site on the list.


Clicking on any site will open another column of URLs (similar to the clicked site) ordered by similarity: a higher number of sites related to the search is displayed, bringing to light a wider segment of the web, generally relegated to the last pages of the results from other search engines.

You can continue to click on the lists of sites and explore to the desired degree of depth the portion of the
Web ineherent to the query. Using the horizontal slider, you can return back to the lists generated.

Each list displays max 300 URLs. 

By clicking on any URLs in a list, you can
preview site's content.

Simply click on the Thumbnail to open the site in a new tab for a direct analysis of its contents.