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Contextual menu

Instant access from any webpage
It is possibile to directly access SimilarPages from any webpage, even without opening the sidebar: right-click anywhere on the webpage, and a SimilarPages contextual menu will appear.

The toolbar menu                   
A SimilarPages pull-down menu, related to the current website you are on, is available also through the toolbar button.


Some characteristics that distinguish us

SimilarPages is a unique search engine and web discovery tool that works with its own real index of the Internet.
Our index is updated continuously, hundreds of servers are searching the web for SimilarPages every week.
We have already indexed 3 billion web pages to create 200 million lists, in all languages and covering all existing topics.
We are a passionate group of tech-addicts, delivering a new way to organize the web. Without popularity-based algorithms, the web is wider.